Certified Refurbished Program

Enjoy the same great Magimix US quality and experience, at a lower cost while supporting our efforts of going green. ​

Magimix food processor

Refurbished Food Processors

$220 - $340

chrome magimix vision toaster

Refurbished Vision Toasters

$150 - $180


Every refurbished product is assessed, cleaned, and tested by our team of experts to ensure top performance.

Standard Warranty

All refurbished products include the same warranty as a new product to give you total peace of mind.

Free Shipping & Returns

Free shipping and 30-day returns on any of our certified refurbished products.

What Does Refurbished Mean?

Our certified refurbished products are pre-owned unused or lightly used appliances that have been inspected, cleaned, and tested by our in-house experts to meet Magimix US’s quality standards.

No Food Processor or Toaster Left Behind

Why choose a certified refurbished product?

Magimix food processor

Outstanding Value

You'll delight in our selection of certified refurbished products, which are the perfect balance of quality and affordability.

Premium Quality

We refurbish every product we sell to meet our high standards. You can be confident that a certified refurbished product performs as well as a new one.

chrome magimix vision toaster

Going Green

By buying refurbished, you are helping us meet our goal of reducing waste. You are conserving resources and helping to preserve the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can be confident that each and every certified refurbished product is guaranteed to arrive in perfect working condition. Our team cleans and repackages all components, as well as runs thorough stress tests to ensure superior quality.


All certified refurbished products include the same warranty as a new product. Every purchase comes with all original accessories that come with the item when sold new.


A certified refurbished product is a pre-owned, unused or lightly used appliance that has been inspected, cleaned and tested by our experts, to ensure it meets our high quality standards.


Yes. We offer if needed,  30-day free returns on certified refurbished products. Terms and conditions apply.