Magimix Robot 3200 food processor sitting on a counter slicing cucumbers.

Why a Food Processor is a Must-Have Kitchen Appliance

If you took a look at the time you spend in the kitchen, how much time would you say you spend just prepping for your meals?

Imagine if all that time could be saved and better spent with family and friends, or even just relaxing. A food processor is just what you need. It’s like having a second pair of helping hands in the kitchen.

The small, space-saving appliance can take over many tedious jobs and otherwise make your life easier.

Food processors have been around since their invention for commercial kitchens in the 1940s. The Magimix was the first food processor to make its way into the household in the early ‘70s. And while it has evolved over the years, the food processor has remained a staple of the modern kitchen.

These handy machines were designed to make everyday kitchen tasks faster and easier. A time-consuming thing like chopping veggies can be done with ease.

Food processors can help with tasks like:

  • Slicing/chopping/mincing vegetables
  • Chopping and grinding nuts, seeds (e.g. spices), meat, or dried fruit
  • Shredding or grating cheese or vegetables
  • Pureeing baby foods or soups
  • Mixing and kneading doughs (hello, homemade pizza dough!)
  • Making homemade nut butters
  • Mixing up sauces, pastes and dressings
  • Spiralizing vegetables
  • And more!

As you can see, the options are pretty much endless with how you can use a food processor. Whether you consider yourself a baker, a gourmet chef, or just someone who could use an extra hand in the kitchen, a food processor is one appliance you need to have in your kitchen.

Think of it this way— you could spend hours in the kitchen preparing to make one dish, or you could let your food processor do all the chopping, mincing and mixing for you while you can dedicate your time to the things that really matter like your family and friends.

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