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5 Things You Can Make for Breakfast with Your Food Processor

When you think of a food processor you might not initially think of “breakfast”, but there are actually an array of breakfast foods you can make with this handy kitchen appliance.

1. Fresh salsas for breakfast burritos and eggs

You can never go wrong with homemade salsa, especially during the summer months. Admittedly, salsa from a jar is convenient when you have a hankering, but it lacks the true flavor and zing that fresh veggies bring to the table. That’s when your food processor comes in handy! You’ll be surprised with how easy it is to make homemade salsa. Just throw your desired ingredients into your food processor bowl and blend away. Then serve your fresh salsa on a breakfast burrito or eggs.

2. Croissant and other pastry doughs

The dough blade that comes with your Magimix Food Processor is excellent for mixing and kneading bread and pastry doughs. If you are ever in the mood for fresh bread in the morning, use your food processor to mix and knead the dough in no time. You’ll have fresh pastries on your table before you know it!

3. Homemade nut butters

Nuts are packed with great nutrients! Take advantage of their health benefits by making nut butter to spread on your morning toast. Add nuts of your choice to your food processor and blend until they reach a smooth, buttery consistency. You can add sugar, honey, cinnamon, salt or whatever pleases your fancy to make the perfect nut butter.

4. No-bake fruit and nut energy bars

Process your favorite fruits, nuts, and dates to create fruit and nut energy bars. Dates are the perfect natural sweetener, plus they help bind everything together. Grind your ingredients depending on how chunky and crunchy you want them, and then press the mixture into a parchment paper lined baking pan. After the mixture has cooled, use the parchment paper to lift out the mixture so you can cut it into bars. You’ll have energy bars to give you a quick morning boost throughout the week!

5. Sweet potato waffles

Sweet potatoes are a favorite because of their versatility! Sweet potato toast, noodles, waffles, the options are endless with this veggie! You easily make sweet potato waffles with your Magimix food processor. Use the spiralizer attachment to spiralize a cooked sweet potato. Place the spiralized sweet potato onto the waffle maker and bake until golden. This is a great vegan alternative to regular waffles, and it so delicious! Try adding cinnamon and grated or spiralized apples to your sweet potato mix for a delicious twist.

No one wants to spend hours preparing breakfast when they wake up. Make your mornings that much easier with your food processor!

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