5 Healthy Eating Tips for Fall

The fall season is here and we’re ready to debut a new cold weather menu! With the holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to get our diets in order for all the football tailgates, Thanksgiving feasts and comfort food coming our way!

According to Dr. John de Castro, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas, El Paso, “We have a tendency to eat about 200 calories more per day during the fall…We tend to blame much of this ‘fall’ weight gain on the holidays; however, there are other causes”. This seasonal weight gain is most likely a biological response to the cold weather in preparation for the winter famines our ancestors faced.

Luckily, we don’t have to worry about hoarding food throughout the winter, but it’s still important to keep health at the top of mind even when we’re indulging in comfort foods at all the holiday parties. Here are a few tips for healthy eating this season.

Take advantage of fall produce

Many dietitians recommend eating seasonally because seasonal produce is typically fresher and better for your health. Matching your diet to the calendar can also be good for your wallet. Food that is in season is at the peak of its supply and costs less to harvest, which translates into savings for you!

Also try incorporating fall superfoods like apples, brussel sprouts, pears, cauliflower and squash into your diet! Check out last month’s blog post for nutritional benefits, preparation and storage tips for these superfoods.

Give your digestive system a boost

Some fall foods, including celery and turmeric, help combat bloating (which will come in handy during all the upcoming holiday feasts) and even aid in digestion. These will help keep you regular, which leads to better health overall. Probiotics and fermented foods can also help with your gut health.

Fall in love with soups

Colder weather calls for feel-good foods. There are endless variations on the soups you can stir up, and with the help of a slow cooker, the process is almost too easy. Once you’ve mastered the simple art of soup-making you’ll never want to stop! Try a hearty bean soup, a creamy pureed butternut squash soup or a good old-fashioned chicken noodle soup.

Eat heart healthy protein

According to study in the Journal of Nutrition, people who eat high levels of certain amino acids found in meat and plant-based protein tend to have lower blood pressure and stiffness of the arteries. So enjoy your turkey, kale, broccoli and beans, all good sources of protein!

Don’t let the TV turn you into a zombie-eater

Avoid mindless snacking during football games and fall TV dramas by portioning out snacks to keep from overeating. If you’re having a TV show watch party, prepare healthy seasonal foods like carrot and broccoli veggie platters, raw nuts and baked chips, which you can even make at home using the slicing disk that comes with your Magimix Food Processor or the fluted disk attachment from the Magimix Creative Kit.

Fall is a season of change, so don’t be afraid to mix it up in the kitchen and try new things with your diet. We hope you enjoy experimenting with fall foods and new seasonal recipes!

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