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5 Tips to Get Your Pickiest Eaters Eating Fruits and Veggies

It can be an everyday struggle to get kids with a picky diet to eat their fruits and veggies. But healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring! Mix up nutritional meals and snacks by trying these five fun recipes that even your pickiest eaters will enjoy.

Yummy juices and smoothies

Turn nutritious produce into a refreshing smoothie by blending together cut fruit, crushed ice and some yogurt or milk in your Magimix Food Processor. You can use fresh, frozen, canned or even overripe fruits to make a healthy after-school snack. You can also juice fruits and veggies in just a few minutes with your Magimix Juice Extractor Food Processor Attachment! Fresh squeezed juice often has more nutrients than store-bought and you don’t have to worry about all of the added preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

Rainbow chips

Your kids won’t know the difference between these homemade fruit and veggie chips and the unhealthy potato chips they love. Who knows, they might like the rainbow variety in these even more! Use one of the slicing disks that come with your Magimix Food Processor or use the fluted disk in your Magimix Creative Kit attachment to thinly slice produce into perfect bite-sized pieces.

For vegetables (you can use carrots, zucchini, beets, sweet potatoes, taro and more), toss with olive oil and season to taste before baking at 375F for 20 minutes or until crispy.

For fruits like apples, pears and bananas, start by brushing sliced fruit with lemon juice to help preserve freshness and keep them from turning brown. Apples and pears take an hour and a half and bananas take three hours in the oven at 200 degrees.

Magical fruit wands

Magical fruit wands are perfect for a snack or dessert, especially if you’re planning a magic-themed or princess birthday party! Use berries – their round shape will give the wand a fun shape with no extra work for you. Top it off with a pineapple star for an added whimsical touch! Find the recipe here or mix it up and try different fruits and veggies of your choice!

Veggie hummus boats

Even sailors and pirates need nutrients and protein while sailing the high seas! Hummus is an excellent source of protein. To make your own homemade hummus, blend garbanzo beans, garlic, lemon juice, tahini and olive oil together in your Magimix Food Processor until it is a creamy consistency. To add some fun, serve it up in a boat made of a red pepper cut in half and create sails with cheddar cheese triangles!

Reinvented ants on a log

We all know the tried-and-true ants on a log snack, but it’s time to forget that fattening peanut butter! Instead, spread guacamole on celery sticks and top with little cubed tomatoes, corn kernels, black beans or all of the above for a fiesta on the log!

The truth is, most kids will eat almost anything if it’s served up in a fun way. Encourage them to eat more nutritious foods and expand their diets by serving up a variety of flavors from every food group! Find more tips and a printable menu at ChooseMyPlate.gov.

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